MiniDebConfOnline #2: Gaming Utilities and Debian

After DebConf20 I didn’t plan to take part in any MiniDebConf soon, but when the topic for the MDCO got announced (“Gaming”) it was clear to me that I had to give talk about my current work in Debian, which mostly consists of packaging gaming utilities.

Compared to my last talk, I think I did much better. I was a bit better prepared and didn’t had to rush to send in the video before the deadline like with my last talk. From what I saw on IRC, there have been a couple of people chatting about the tools in the talk.

tl;dw: I gave Lutris, MangoHud, vkBasalt, GOverlay and Piper a quick video preview and also briefly presented gamemode, vkdevicechooser, OpenRGB, Oversteer, GameHub, NoiseTorch and vkmark. I also talked a bit about some minor things that annoy me when packaging gaming tools.